Hobbies and Interests

Posted on: April 22, 2009

I love reading and writing, music and movies, chatting with people from all over the world and hanging out with my mom and younger sister, my two best friends.

I loved reading since I started reading around the age of five or six. I discovered my love for making up stories and writing them down at age thirteen. I even completed two books, one at age thirteen and the other at age fourteen, but unfortunately lost both of them (one when the computer crashed and the other I forgot the password).

My favorite music is Chinese pop and rock, Japanese pop and rock, Korean pop and rock, Thai pop and rock, and Filipino pop and rock. I also listen to the regular pop and rock, some Latin pop and rock, country, jazz, blues, R&B, nasheed, and nasyid (Malay nasheed).

Some of the movies and shows I like are also international. Two of my favorite movies are Pavilion of Women (Chinese) and Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do (Korean). I have watched Autumn Tale and Full House, two Korean dramas I love, and I’m in the process of finishing Goong, another Korean drama. I also want to watch Goong S, but have not managed to find any links to the series online yet.


1 Response to "Hobbies and Interests"

hi!! I’m amazed that you know Malay songs:)
I love listening to foreign music as well.. like Spanish, French, Bosnian..
I have Japanese and Korean songs in my computer too

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  • Urban Muslimahs: Salaams Sharifah! Just saw that you posted in your blog and looking forward to reading more insha'Allah
  • Minty: Salam Alaykum Sister, nice to meet you, and welcome to the bloggy world.. i hope you have fun and make new friends. regards minty
  • ilyani: Salam Helen! I found your blog via your Interpals page. I cant remember I have sent you a message before but your profile looks familiar :D How's Om


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