A Stranger

Posted on: December 27, 2010

–  We were kids at a time that now seems so long ago. We were different, but the same. We were friends, two years apart, but still close. You weren’t the best kid around, but you weren’t the worst either. Sometimes you were a brat that needed discipline, but other times you were an angel. I liked you a lot, but now I’ve realized you’ve really changed, as life often changes people.

–  The you I knew in my childhood no longer exists. Seeing you again after so long has made me realize that. I can no longer see the one I thought I knew. Standing before me is a complete stranger, someone I wouldn’t even want in my life. You took a wrong turn down life’s road somewhere between then and now, which has changed you for the worst. I don’t recognize you, nor do I know you. Our past has left me and I stand alone with you—a stranger.

–  Seeing you made me recall all of the things I had forgotten and all of the things I wish still existed. Nothing stays the same, but the change you have made has left me with broken hopes and dreams. Stealing, drugs, maybe alcohol too has become your life and will never be a part of mine. I can hope and pray that it is a phase that will fade away, but it is those phases that destroy the lives of others. I just hold the smallest hope, unlikely as it is, you will see the light and turn back before it’s too late.

–  I stand alone with the hopes and dreams of childhood gone by. I never noticed before, but you’ve been walking on a different path since we separated. I will walk my path, hoping for your future. You will walk yours, unaware of my existence.



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  • Urban Muslimahs: Salaams Sharifah! Just saw that you posted in your blog and looking forward to reading more insha'Allah
  • Minty: Salam Alaykum Sister, nice to meet you, and welcome to the bloggy world.. i hope you have fun and make new friends. regards minty
  • ilyani: Salam Helen! I found your blog via your Interpals page. I cant remember I have sent you a message before but your profile looks familiar :D How's Om


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