Growing Up

– I remember that day almost as if happened just yesterday—four years old going to the hospital with Daddy to see my new baby sister. I can still remember that exact moment, sitting on Mommy’s hospital bed as my baby sister was placed into my lap and I looked into the face of my new sister, a tiny and sweet thing in my eyes. I can remember my mom uttering her name to me. That was the day I met my best friend.

– My sister and I are nearly four years apart, but we have always been close. In personality, we are opposites in most cases, but that never affected our close relationship. I have always felt that if I had a twin, she would be my second half, and more than once, I have wished she was my twin. As all relationships, we’ve had our ups and our downs, but we will always be the best of friends.

– Now, suddenly at the age of fifteen, my younger sister has jumped far ahead of me, and I feel as if I’m losing her. I guess it was fate that had us meet him and now they’re engaged. She talks about him all the time and shows off his picture at every opportunity she gets. I’m more than happy for her since she found her soul mate, but I cannot help wondering, where will I be?

– The day they marry will be a beautiful day of white, flowers, and sunshine. I know they will be good together. I’ll be there, watching my sister change from girl to woman, from my sister to his wife. I’ll be returning home that night, feelings of loneliness and melancholy drowning me. Her voice, her laughter, her jokes, her words will leave the house empty, and I will cry myself to sleep that night.

– I know we all will grow up. We will fall in love, marry, and have children of our own one day. Siblings and family members will separate and lead their own lives. I’ve come to terms that my sister is just like anyone else. She will move out and lead her own life with her new husband, and I will miss her.


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  • Urban Muslimahs: Salaams Sharifah! Just saw that you posted in your blog and looking forward to reading more insha'Allah
  • Minty: Salam Alaykum Sister, nice to meet you, and welcome to the bloggy world.. i hope you have fun and make new friends. regards minty
  • ilyani: Salam Helen! I found your blog via your Interpals page. I cant remember I have sent you a message before but your profile looks familiar :D How's Om


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