He’s My Brother

– He’s lying on the floor, brown eyes focused on the ceiling above his head. A hand sweeps longish dark hair off of his forehead as he speaks. He speaks of her with the utmost fondness and I can see the love he has for her shining through. Love has changed the cynical, angry young man he was into a softhearted, caring, almost poetic kind of person. This new personality shining through is one everyone could be drawn to.

– Sometimes this new young man jokes when he shouldn’t and plays games with my feelings. Sometimes he forgets that everything has a boundary. There are times he brings out anger and hurt inside of me. There are times I just wish he’d leave me alone and let me be, but he is my eternal shadow, and I can never rid of him. There are times he can be blind, times he can be naïve, and times he is childish—but beneath it all, I know he is one of the greatest men I will ever know.

– This young man, lying on the floor with his speeches of love and poetry, smiles at my cynical comments about love. He laughs at my remarks on his flirtatious comments about his love and grins. Finally, he stands up to leave me alone, and makes me wonder. When did we leave our childhood behind? When did he become this fine young man that can fall in love? When did he become more than just the clown of the family? For now, I just know he’s my brother.


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  • Urban Muslimahs: Salaams Sharifah! Just saw that you posted in your blog and looking forward to reading more insha'Allah
  • Minty: Salam Alaykum Sister, nice to meet you, and welcome to the bloggy world.. i hope you have fun and make new friends. regards minty
  • ilyani: Salam Helen! I found your blog via your Interpals page. I cant remember I have sent you a message before but your profile looks familiar :D How's Om


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