His Island

I watch you on your own Island
You seem happy that way
Sometimes when you’re not looking
I cry my act away

King of your own island people do as you say!
I hate making you sail off your own Island
Tearing you away

The land I make you travel to is a million miles away
I don’t know how to make it better or make it go away

I try to make you understand me, them, you us…
The other Island we all live in, you just can’t act that way
Watching you pretend to fit in, do as they say
Makes me cry from the inside but smile and push you the same way

I hate that I make you say yes when you only feel no
It doesn’t feel right that way, Im sorry to say

I watch you struggle in your mind and know there is nothing I can do
I just wanted to say I love you and your beautiful island too

Sometimes it may seem hard
But a Mums got to do what a Mums got to do

You can keep your own Island and use it for just short stays
You can escape to it’s paradise but be home soon though Jay

I have to help open your wings and make you fly in the same skies
I prey one day soon you will realise
I hold you and tell you it’s going to be fine but return to my
bedroom with your tears in my eyes…

Sarah Watson



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