I’ll Remember

Its been awhile since the unexpected happened. Your memory creeps into my thoughts everyday, reminding me of you. Sometimes, when I think of you, I cry. Other times I’ll smile. You may be gone, but you’ll always be in my thoughts and in my heart. I’ll always remember you and all you were to me.

I remember the day of our Eid feast some years ago. I may have been around three to five years old. I do not remember who else may have been there, but I remember you very clearly–opening the sack of baked meat and giving each of us a sample of the spiced meat before it was taken away to be put with the rice for our feast. You were always someone I counted on seeing during our Eid feast.

Then when we returned from the USA and I was nine years old with a very limited Arabic vocabulary, you spoke to me in Arabic anyway. In a way, I guess you did help me relearn some part of the language. I remember that Eid, my brother and I, watching as the meat was brought in and you opened the sack as you did every Eid. You gave both of us a sample of that meat and told my brother, “yedik yameen, ma yusra (your right hand, not left).” Its one of the clearest memories I have and one I will always remember, as meaningless, as it may seem to others.

There was always the confusing “proper” Arabic you spoke. My sister and I were sure you were speaking wrong. We always said you were talking to us like we were boys and we were girls.

Then there are the stories. You helped my parents without them even needing to ask it of you. Though not the most generous of men, you were one of the most kind, a man not to be forgotten. Walking around the market for the sake of 100 bz (25 c) is a story that’ll always be remembered.

When you were with us, I never realized how much you meant to us. Rarely did we ever see you, maybe a few times a year at most, but you meant everything to us. Now that you’ve left us, we remember how special you were, what you meant to us. Ami, you are someone I will always remember…


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